Sacramento Tanning Lotion

Are you looking for the perfect tanning lotion to keep your spray tan from fading and cracking? I have tried every tanning moisturizer available in my 4 years in the tanning business and my top pick and what I recommend to all my clients is California Tan’s Luminous by Matahari. If you hate moisturizing then this is the lotion for you. Just apply once a day to stay completely hydrated. Some of the ingredient benefits are collagen building toning agents which encourage firmer looking contours while promoting skin elasticity. More specifically, other ingredients such as Gold pleasure oil and Virgin hemp seed oils envelop skin with superb hydration. Spray tanning every week can be very dehydrating and this moisturizer does a wonderful job of replenishing the moisture lost throughout the day.

Mention this blog at your next visit and receive $5.00 off a bottle of Luminous.

Happy Tanning
Brandi’s Spray Tans
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