Times are changing! Why leave the house if your don’t have to? These days, there are many different mobile salon services available. The most popular and fastest growing type just happens to be the mobile tanning salon that I offer. Say goodbye to the days of driving to the local salon in afternoon traffic, waiting in a long line, then driving home fearful of ruining your freshly sprayed airbrush tan. Say goodbye to that horrible feeling when the car is super hot making you sweat as you try to hold the seat belt strap away from rubbing against your skin hoping it’s not staining your clothes or your car interior and just praying you don’t get pulled over because you don’t have your bra on!! Oh, those days are such a nightmare! Embarrassing!

These moments are why I launched the first mobile tanning salon in Sacramento. I will bring the beautiful instant airbrush tanning to the comfort of your own home. Brandi’s Mobile Spray Tans offers the most natural looking tan, customized to meet your desired color. The best part is the whole process takes less than 20 min! I can set up in just about any room in your home without any mess or trace that I was ever there. This is by far the most convenient and enjoyable airbrush tan you will receive.

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Brandi Lucas
Sacramento Spray Tanning Business Owner

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