Achieving the best spray tan for your wedding or prom

If you have a special occasion or a last minute event to attend, spray tanning is a must and now even easier. The key is to find an experienced spray technician and work with that person to achieve your desired color (you don’t want to risk a bad tan from a booth or someone that hasn’t been in the business very long). The benefit with Brandi’s services is getting someone who is dedicated to spray tanning.

They have made vast improvements over the last few years in the tanning solutions so as long as you find a reputable technician you shouldn’t have to worry about turning orange or streaking. Make sure you do a trial run a few weeks before your big day to ensure you and your technician can achieve your desired color. Remember not to get carried away. A natural glow should be your goal for weddings and first time tanners. Check out my wedding photo gallery under tanning FAQ’s.

Brandi’s Tans
Sacramento Spray Tanning business owner

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