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Best Spray Tan in Sacramento

Have you decided what you’re going to be for Halloween? I know I sprayed a lot of Snooki’s the last few years!

Brandi’s Spray Tans can help you look beautiful with a natural, noticeable tan or as bronzed as Snooki. It doesn’t matter what costume. I have even mastered airbrushing abs so you can look just like the Situation.

Don’t leave the house looking ghostly white…..Call to schedule an appointment and get the best spray tan in Sacramento.



Times are changing! Why leave the house if your don’t have to? These days, there are many different spray tan salon services available. The most popular and fastest growing type just happens to be the spray tanning salon that I offer. Say goodbye to the days of driving to the local salon in afternoon traffic, waiting in a long line, then driving home fearful of ruining your freshly sprayed airbrush tan. Say goodbye to that horrible feeling when the car is super hot making you sweat as you try to hold the seat belt strap away from rubbing against your skin hoping it’s not staining your clothes or your car interior and just praying you don’t get pulled over because you don’t have your bra on!! Oh, those days are such a nightmare! Embarrassing!

These moments are why I launched the first spray tanning salon in Sacramento. I will bring the beautiful instant airbrush tanning to the comfort of your own home. Brandi’s Spray Tans offers the most natural looking tan, customized to meet your desired color. The best part is the whole process takes less than 20 min!

Call me to book your appointment.

Brandi Lucas
Sacramento Spray Tanning Business Owner

Tanning Salon / Airbrush Tan

Brandi’s Tans is the first spray tanning company in Sacramento and has now expanded to the Girls Next Door Tanning Salon in West Sacramento. This is the perfect place to get an instant, natural looking, beautiful bronze tan in just minutes. This custom airbrush tan is very different from the tanning beds, or spray tanning booths that you get at tanning salons.

You don’t have to worry about the odor, orange, or streaking sometimes associated with the self applied sunless tanners. This is custom tailored for each individual person and applied by a trained airbrush technician. We use organic products that are sugar based and have ingredients like Argan oil (Moroccan), and grape seed oil to help keep the skin hydrated. When properly maintained you can enjoy your instant tan for at least 7 to 10 days.

Brandi’s Tans are by appointment only. You can call or text your desired time and date to 916-803-3591.


Get the perfect valentine’s gift for your special someone. Spray tanning is the newest Sacramento salon/spa service. This custom spray tan service eliminates the mess and problems associated with tanning creams and spray tan booths. With Brandi’s Spray Tans your valentine will receive a personal treatment tailored to their individual needs and look beautifully bronzed in minutes. Pick up your gift certificate today!

Brandi Lucas
Sacramento spray tan business owner

Sacramento Tanning Lotion

Are you looking for the perfect tanning lotion to keep your spray tan from fading and cracking? I have tried every tanning moisturizer available in my 4 years in the tanning business and my top pick and what I recommend to all my clients is California Tan’s Luminous by Matahari. If you hate moisturizing then this is the lotion for you. Just apply once a day to stay completely hydrated. Some of the ingredient benefits are collagen building toning agents which encourage firmer looking contours while promoting skin elasticity. More specifically, other ingredients such as Gold pleasure oil and Virgin hemp seed oils envelop skin with superb hydration. Spray tanning every week can be very dehydrating and this moisturizer does a wonderful job of replenishing the moisture lost throughout the day.

Mention this blog at your next visit and receive $5.00 off a bottle of Luminous.

Happy Tanning
Brandi’s Spray Tans
Sacramento tanning business owner

Perfect Holiday Gift – BOGO EVENT!!


Perfect Holiday Gift

Can’t think of a gift to buy your loved one this holiday season? How about a gift certificate for a custom airbrush tan? Right now I am offering the best deal this year!

Buy 1 tan and get the 2nd for 50% off! Plus get a free pair of exfoliating gloves with every gift certificate purchase!!

Just think….You can buy a gift certificate for your Mom, Sister, or friend and get a spray tan for yourself at half price!! Offer ends December 24th, 2010.

I’m also very excited to offer a discount on the tan extender lotion, Luminous by Matahari. This lotion is what I recommend to all my clients to help prolong the lenth of their tan. This is the perfect lotion for those who don’t like to re-apply several times a day. One application a day is all you need to keep your skin hydrated and keep your tan looking fabulous. Now only $15.00 per bottle.

Brandi’s Tans
Sacramento business tanning owner


There are so many positive reasons to choose airbrush tanning over self tanning lotions or tanning creams. Self tanners cause streaking, blotchiness, and orange palms. Why put yourself through the stress of all that when you can call a professional and get a tan performed in your own home that is customized for your skin type? By calling a spray tan technician you can avoid all the mess that self tanners leave behind.

They have made vast improvements in the last couple of years to the tanning solutions. A lot of companies have reduced the unpleasant odor and some have become completely organic and added ingredients like, argan oil (moroccan oil), which helps promote even fading. You don’t have to worry any longer about your pale skin for your upcoming event, there is a safe alternative to the scary tanning booths or the dangerous UV tanning beds. Call Brandi’s Spray Tans for a professional, beautiful, instant, and natural looking bronzed tan.

Brandi Lucas
Sacramento spray tanning business owner

Airbrush tanning and exfoliating

What I have learned over the last 3 years in the tanning business is that exfoliation is an important factor in a long lasting and natural fading airbrush spray tan. It is also a good habit when your not airbrush tanning as well. What it does is removes the skin cells from the outermost surface. This promotes even coverage and lengthens the duration of your tan by removing cells that would otherwise flake off.

What I always recommend to my clients is purchasing the $4.00 exfoliating gloves from Target. I have found that these gloves work much better than any salt scrub or oil based cream that I have tried. Most scrubs and creams have mineral oil as a main ingredient which can block pores from absorbing the tanning solution. Using the gloves with your non-mineral oil body wash will save you money and ensure the best airbrush tan possible.