Why You Should Be Spray Tanning

Having tan skin makes life better. Your teeth appear whiter, your skin looks healthier and beautiful, and your positive energy increases. You never have to worry about the negative effects of a tan when you receive a spray tan. Without the dangers of laying in the sun for too long or being under a tanning bed, you no longer have an excuse to be pale! But the real icing on the cake is having the spray tan come to your home.

How Airbrush Spray Tan Works

An Airbrush Spray Tan Technician sprays a special tanning formula onto your body. The amino acids in your skin will respond naturally to the DHA and other complementary ingredients in the tanning formula to produce the most beautiful sunless tan you’ve ever seen.

Sacramento Airbrush Tanning
Instruction video before your custom airbrush tan appointment

Brandi’s Spray Tans on KCRA 3

Brandi's Spray Tan on KCRA

Brandi on KCRA

Our custom airbrush tan eliminates the mess and problems associated with tanning creams and spray tan booths found at tanning salons.  There is no streaky mess, orange palms, or dirty looking knees and elbows.

Reasons To Get A Spray Tan

  • Wedding/prom
  • Photo Shoot
  • Special event
  • Body building competition
  • Cosmetic help for certain medical conditions such as psoriasis

With Brandi’s Spray Tans, you receive a personal treatment tailored to your individual needs in the comfort of your own home. No two people are alike, and your spray tan should suit you and your skin type. This is the best spray tan / airbrush tan you can get in the Greater Sacramento Area.


Check out Brandi’s exclusive interview on 107.9 the end wake up call confession.

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